The Shattering

This is a poem I wrote a few months back. It’s not entirely “religious”, but maybe relates to spiritual processes of coming to grips with things, that time when once more the Holy Spirit goes a little deeper, and a little deeper – advancing further into the interior of the Kingdom of Heaven within you… until it is fully surrendered to the Lord.


Some days you float along in cloudy nebulosity,

Not having sense of what makes up reality;

The things you thought would make you happy just last year

Have scampered off like frightened, hunted deer.


You realize that somewhere deep inside of you

There’s something missing of the best and true;

You try to probe and figure out the pain,

But emptiness has been your only gain.


As life goes slipping through your fingertips,

Along with words you wish had not passed from your lips;

You thought you were so right, but life’s all wrong;

It keeps your mind in pain the whole night long.


You see that nothing matters more than to be kind,

To try to understand, and not be blind

You want to stretch, and love, and higher ways embrace

But fall and stumble, never really keeping pace.


You fail, and try to make it right again,

And shed more tears than since you don’t know when;

The ones you love are scattered now like leaves;

Your heart’s a mortal wound that bleeds and grieves.


You find yourself surrounded yet alone,

A dried up leaf tossed by the wind and blown

Along some street you always walked before,

Where no one really knows you anymore.


A muddy pool of water shows a face;

The wind disturbs it, as its fractured forms displaced

Send ghostly echoes through your empty mind;

The image there no longer has a shrine.


You understand that everything you thought you were

Is only hazy wave and quantum blur;

Perhaps then, once that shadow being flies away,

The Love That Is may finally have its way.


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